GreenQloud announces QStack, a greener hybrid cloud solution

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GreenQloud, the world’s first Truly Green™ cloud solutions company today announced the release of QStack, a hybrid cloud software stack that enables enterprises and organizations to build private clouds as well as scale and migrate workloads to GreenQloud’s clean, renewable energy-powered public cloud.

GreenQloud is augmenting its existing service offerings in the public cloud with hybrid and private cloud solutions that capitalize on its easy-to-implement and easy-to-use software. GreenQloud recognizes the industry need for and practicality of a hybrid cloud model, which makes it possible for companies with strict compliance controls and existing private infrastructure investments, to take advantage of public cloud solutions without compromising their current compliance obligations and previous investments. Additionally, QStack serves as a starting line for corporate “more sustainable by 2020” supply chain goals.

QStack enables companies to utilize the advantages of GreenQloud’s public cloud software on their private infrastructure and allows for burstability into GreenQloud’s clean, renewable energy-powered public cloud. This hybrid solution allows for a more conservative investment into IT infrastructure, solves the problem of scalability in the face of changing demands and encourages the adoption of sustainable cloud practices.

QStack, which has been in active development for over four years, is an extension of GreenQloud’s award-winning innovations in public cloud software– automating provisioning, enabling metered self-service compute power and object storage– and brings it to the hybrid/private cloud space, enhanced with enterprise hardening.

QStack is built on Apache CloudStack with open source components like the KVM hypervisor and (optionally) 3rd party commercially supported software such as VMWare and Scality object storage. QStack features a customizable dashboard and supports GreenQloud’s award­-winning, easy-­to-­use interface with built-in white labeling/theme support, industry standard API support (EC2, S3 and Apache CloudStack 4.X compatible), built in usage metering /reporting and billing. Uniquely, QStack security features include team and project support, single sign-­on authentication, user controlled load balancers/firewalls and much more.

QStack is licensed to customers on a subscription basis with optional technical services and contracted customizations, enabling customers to create a hybrid cloud solution tailored to their specific needs.

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