Storage Qloud™

Backup & Sharing

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Greenqloud’s Public Compute Qloud™ and Storage Qloud™ services will be shut down on October 1st, 2015. After that, all instances and data on the system will be destroyed. Please see our FAQ for the next steps you should be taking at this time.
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Cloud storage for everyone

Secure files to develop a highly scalable web app

Storage Qloud™ buckets are like USB hard drives except they enable users to access data at all times via the Internet. They store and deliver content online through computers and mobile devices. When using this service, users can achieve better scalability for web applications by offloading content into Storage Qloud™. Content is automatically load- balanced, using less memory and CPU on the server side.

Security built in and enforced

Users are in control

GreenQloud enables users to set view and edit permissions for groups of data and individual files on Storage Qloud™. All data going in and out of Storage Qloud™ passes through industry standard SSL encrypted connections.

Self–healing, redundant storage

Each file stored on Storage Qloud™ is automatically replicated at least two times and spread to three independent hardware storage pods across two data centers. Storage Qloud™ also instantly replicates and rebuilds the missing copies on working servers.

Enjoy the many compatible third party applications

GreenQloud’s community and partners have created many ways to use Storage Qloud™

GreenQloud’s services are easy to use through the management console, but also work great with many third party open source clients.


There are many command line clients and libraries users can use to script their backups or integrate Storage Qloud™ as a delivery platform with server apps. Check out these support forums for further information.

Simple user interface, green metrics and statistics

GreenQloud’s management dashboard features automated carbon footprint metrics

Users can track their CO2 emissions savings on their Truly Green™ dashboard.  Statistics are calculated for users, based on home origin and energy usage.

Visual storage use and bandwidth graph

The Truly Green™ Dashboard allows users to see bandwidth statistics and the amount of space used on Storage Qloud™ in an interactive graph. This includes their cloud usage and continually updated monthly bill estimates.

Industry standard APIs

Automate everything

Storage Qloud™’s API is compatible with the industry standard AWS S3 API. This allows for the integration of third parties, CLI access for power users, and automation and scripting.

Truly Green™

Enjoy green, top-quality cloud services without the “green premium”cost-effective and clean cloud solutions.

GreenQloud’s data center partners generate power from renewable energy resources, which enables them to offer cost-effective and clean cloud solutions. Most data centers tap into existing power grids, which rely predominantly on fossil fuel energy resources, such as coal and oil. Since online data storage is growing exponentially, it’s more important than ever to seek sustainable data storage resources.

Storage Qloud™ Pricing Calculator

Unlimited storage $0.095 per GB/month. Storage Qloud™ is charged by your average usage per month.
Outgoing Bandwidth
Estimated Monthly Total:
  • Bandwidth In is free
  • Bandwidth Out $0.08 per GB/month (1TB free)
  • PUT, POST, LIST $0.01 per 1000 requests
  • GET and other $0.01 per 10000 requests

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